My Flatpack Home S3



Amanda Lamb is back and continuing her mission to make buyers and builders look at prefabricated properties in a completely different light, as she explores the startling array of designs and buildings available.

Amanda follows the lives and tastes of families, couples, and individuals, living out their dreams during the construction, and erection of their personalised grand designs. Budgets range from £30,000, for a recording studio in a back garden in Barnes, West London, to an imitation manor house covering 2,800 square feet costing more than £1.1mn in West Sussex.

Each property is as unique and bespoke as its owner. From a multi-millionaire businesswoman who wants to build three inter-connecting eco-pods in her back garden in Cheshire, to the couple who dream of an 18th century thatched cottage in Oxfordshire, every build seems far too original to be pre-fabricated.

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